Warnings before you start searching for your bike!

- Bike thieves are criminals, for that reason, you mustn't take any risks. 

- Ensure that you keep a safe distance from the thieves if you find them, and make sure to contact the police to get hold of the stolen bike. 

1. Searching for the Bike: 

Report the theft to Bikefinder via the "Report theft" button under the device in your app. 
We will contact you as soon as possible between Monday - Friday: 09.00 - 15.00 and guide you on how to search for the bike. Outside this time please call: +47 969 23 378 and select Theft support and you will be directed to Securitas, our theft handling partner.

Open the app:  Select your tracker -> Select ''Report theft''

2. Activate Tracking mode on the device to get more position updates. 
(Read here: How-to change modes)

3. In the app, navigate to ''history'' to view and track all incoming positions.

Open the app:  Select your tracker -> Select ''History''

4. Keep the app open while you are searching for the bike, ensure that you have Bluetooth enabled.

5. If you are receiving new GPS positions in the app (Verify with date and timestamp),  make sure the GPS positions are not moving, until you start searching for them.

- If the bike is nearby your mobile/app, then Bluetooth will automatically connect and show the distance in meters to the bike.

GPS positions are accurate to about 5-10 meters, GSM positions can be up to 2 500 meters, Bluetooth has a range of about 60 meters, depending on conditions. This means that starting from a GSM position, you might have to move around a bit to get the Bluetooth within range. 

6. Optional:
If you do not get any updated position, or you only get GSM signals that are too inaccurate to find.
The best option is to activate Security mode on your tracker to save battery, then wait until you get a notification when there is movement on the Bike and look for GPS signals, then try again to search for the bike using Bluetooth.

For theft support after office hour: Monday - Friday from 16.00 - 08.00 & Saturday to Sunday Call: +47 969 23 378 (Securitas support)

7. If you have BikeFinder insurance, then you can start to fill out the damage report on www.BikeFinder.com -> My account -> Damage report