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A few notes beforehand: 
Make sure that you have the latest sotware version of the application, and the latest firmware on the tracker before going through with either of the solutions.
If you have physical damages to the tracker antenna head, this may cause issues receiving signals.Your tracker must also be installed according to manual.


During this troubleshooting procedure you may need to remove the tracker from the handlebar.
Make sure your bike is stored safely meanwhile, as the insurance is not valid when the tracker is not installed in your bike's handlebar.

1. If possible, bring your bike inside.

2. Remove the Bikefinder from the handlebar and place it by a window with good reception

3. Connect a USB-C charging cable that you know works, and look for a reaction from the LED-light that will indicate charging (give it some time).

4. Change the tracker's mode to Tracking Mode

5. Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, then navigate to the Bluetooth menu in the BikeFinder application. Select "Restart tracker"

6. Leave the tracker in this mode, while charging by the window for at least 2,5-3 hours.
7. Only remove the charging cable, and leave the tracker by the window while it now should be receiving a lot of GPS. Take a test-ride or two to see if it also receives GPS signals while biking.

If it is working as expected, change back to the mode you wish to use. We do not recommend keeping your tracker in Tracking Mode, as this mode will drain the tracker's battery in a very short period of time. Tracking Mode is only used for troubleshooting and when actively tracking and searching for a stolen bike (limited time).
Standard and security modes are to be used on a daily basis. 

 About battery and charging

About tracker modes


If your tracker after a few days is still not working as expected, we should now have further data to analyze from. Please submit a ticket through our ticket system. We will need your BikeFinder account's registered mail and your tracker's IMEI number in order to proceed. We kindly ask you to provide us with a couple of pictures of the device, as a standardized, formal guideline. 

 How to request a replacement tracker 

       Submit a new ticket here