Problem A) 
What to do if there is no signal or new positions update?

Click here: -> 
How to get new updated positions 

Note: If you have physical damages to the tracker antenna head, this may cause issues receiving signals.


Problem B) 
What to do if you have battery issues?

- Make sure that you are charging a minimum of 3 hours or overnight if possible.

- Make sure you are receiving GPS positions because poor signal reception causes the tracker to amplify signals and use more battery. For how to get GPS signals? Read above for ''Problem A''

- Learn how the different Tracker modes can affect battery consumption here: -> How tracker modes works

Note: If it is very cold outside, the battery will naturally be affected. We recommend you to charge inside if possible.


Problem C) 
If none of the above solve the issue, please perform this procedure then contact us:

Note: During this testing procedure you may need to remove the tracker from the handlebar.
Make sure your bike is stored safely because when the tracker is removed from the handlebar the insurance will not cover it.

1) Remove the BikeFinder from the handlebar and place it by your window (Somewhere with clear Skyview, the point is to communicate with the satellites)

2) Connect the USB-C charging cable that came with your Bikefinder - look for a reaction from the LEDs that will indicate charging (can take up to 2-3 minutes until reaction)

3) Open the Bikefinder app, and change the tracker mode to ''Tracking mode''

4) Then navigate to the BlueTooth menu in the BikeFinder application. Select "Restart tracker" 

(Make sure to activate Bluetooth on your phone settings) 

5) Leave the tracker in Tracking mode by the window, while charging for at least 4 hours or overnight.

6) Remove the charging cable, and just leave the tracker by the window while it now should be sending GPS positions every 1minute. This will create data so we can help you to diagnose the tracker.

The conclusion from the test:

- If you had no signal, and it works after this procedure:

This may indicate that you have installed the tracker wrong on the handlebar, please check the manual or here mount-tracker-according-to-the-manual-verify-signals-

- If you still don't get any new positions or have questions regarding battery life or other issues, please contact us here -> Create a support ticket

We will then access your tracker and analyze the data from your troubleshooting procedure and help you.