1. Download the BikeFinder Application:

For iOS (iPhone)      For Android (Sony, Samsung etc.)

After successful installation of the app, it's now time for you to create an account

2. Create account & Login:

Launch the Bikefinder App 

Press the "Login"

Enter your e-mail account you want to create an account with, to be used as your Bikefinder profile


When you have submitted, you'll further receive a onetime code on the e-mail you have entered

Copy and paste the code 


- After you have completed you'll be redirected to the application and will be logged in

   Now it's time to add  your Bikefinder tracker to your app

3. Add your Bikefinder tracker to the app

(point.1) Before you start:

Turn your Bluetooth on your phone and make sure your phone has internet access, then go to-> Phone 'Settings' then look for-> BikefinderApp, then check that BikefinderApp has access to the following: 

- Bluetooth

- Notification

- Location 

Charge your BikeFinder tracker, it may take a few minutes to wake up and will elucidate a red light when charging and a green light when is fully charged. But, we recommend charging while pairing.
NOTE: There is no ON/OFF button, once you put it to charging after a few mins it'll turn on automatically.

Follow the step shown below to add the tracker 
PS: remember to login with a correct e-mail address
press the + symbol 


Your tracker will show up as shown in the picture below. If not, go back to (point.1)

- The app will start to search for available trackers nearby
- Select your tracker which will appear on your application screen

- Then it'll proceed by it self

- Now click on the tracker that has been added
- You can rename the tracker
- Here you can add information about your bike, such as
   Order confirmation of your bike and accessories
   Picture of installed tracker
   Picture of your bike


 And you are now all set up 

Now that you have logged in and added a BikeFinder tracker to the app, you will need a subscription to activate the tracker to be insured. The RED triangle on the app warns you that the tracker has no active subscription.

If you need help furthermore, please contact our support by phone or by e-mail.

E-mail: support@bikefinder.com or Phone: +47 969 23 378