1. Download the BikeFinder Aplication:
Start by downloading the BikeFinder app on your smartphone

2. Create account & Login:

On the login page, enter the email address that you want to be used as your BikeFinder profile

Once submitted, a pincode will be sent to your email as shown below. Enter the code on the login page.
An account is now created for you and you can enter the app.

Note: You do not need to login everytime you use the app, but if you for some reason would logout, then a new uniq Pin code will be sent to your email, you cannot create your own password.

3. Add a tracker to your account:

- Power up your BikeFinder tracker, by connecting it to a charger. It may take a few minutes for the red LED to light up, indicating charging.

- When you are logged in, press the + Symbol on the upper right corner.

The app will start to search for trackers nearby. It can only detect trackers that has no user on it.
(NB: Trackers must be powered up, and no existing user registered on it)

Press on the tracker information to select and add it to your account.