A small explanation of the LED lights on the tracker, and what they can tell you:

- Green LED light: this can indicate two things. 1. that the Tracker is sending something to the Bikefinder system, this is normally the position. 2. If you are charging, and the tracker has been lying still for a while, this means that the battery is fully charged.

- Green Blinking light: this means that the Tracker is searching for GSM network.  If you see this happening over a long time, there might be bad GSM reception in the area, or there might be a problem with the GSM antenna. If this happens for a long time, and you know there is GSM coverage contact Bikefinder support to get help analyzing the tracker.

- Blue light: This means that the tracker is searching for GPS position. 

- Red constant light while tracker is lying still and USB is inserted: this means that the Tracker is charging, and the battery is not fully charged yet.

- Red, Green, blue blink that goes on: this is an error indication, if this happens you should contact Bikefinder support.

- Light off: The tracker is sleeping, light should turn on by movement. It dependens on the mode it is in as well, see the sleep periods in "modes explained" section.

Normally a position update after movement would look like this:

Green light (might blink one time) --> Blue light (stays on for some time depending on the GPS availability in the area) --> Green light