Buy a subscription:

 Note that your BikeFinder won’t work unless you have an active subscription.

Buy a subscription through our website, or through our BikeFinder application.
If you’re buying a subscription with insurance, it is very important that you provide the legal owner of the bike when buying insurance, for it to be valid. Insurance cases must also go through the owner of the subscription w/insurance.

Choose your country top left before proceeding with the purchase.

Link to some of the countries:

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‘’BUY NOW’’ 
à Choose bike’s worth, and subscription length.

Tier 1 – Subscription with insurance, lowest amount
Tier 2 – Subscription with insurance, medium amount
Tier 3 – Subscription with insurance, highest amount
Tier 0 – Subscription without insurance


Add purchased subscription to your tracker:

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Automatisk generert beskrivelse1. After you have successfully purchased a subscription, log into the BikeFinder application with the same mail you used to purchase with

2. Click the tracker you want to activate the subscription on

On the tracker’s configuration page, press ‘’Inactive subscription – tap to fix’’, or the RED credit card symbol. It will then start searching for your available subscription, if it exists on your BikeFinder account. Once it has discovered the subscription, you can select it to activate your tracker. The subscription will be linked to your tracker.


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Automatisk generert beskrivelse Update tracker to latest firmware:

Firsthand, your tracker needs to be charged. It might have to charge 3-4 hours the first time, as its battery has been flat since production date.

Before updating your tracker’s latest firmware, your tracker needs to be as close as possible to your phone. After this, please follow the steps below…
1. Turn BlueTooth ON in your phone’s settings
2. Open the BikeFinder application and select your tracker
3. Select the BlueTooth-icon, and you will get an option that says ‘’Update tracker firmware’’

Do you have any problems connecting the tracker with BLE to your BikeFinder?
Please try this…
1. See if it indicates light
2. Remove the charging cable when it has indicated charging
3. Plug in your charging cable once more, so that it is forced to ‘’wake up’’
4. When you have done so, you may proceed with the firmware update procedure again

Your tracker will work without the update, but for its functions to be taken to its full potential, we absolutely recommend updating it. If not updated, you may experience issues.

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Automatisk generert beskrivelseIn the BikeFinder application, you will have an overview of your tracker’s received signals – where it is and where it has been. Have a look under ‘’History’’. From here you can also choose/filtrate which signal type you would like to see.
It is important to make sure it gets online, and that the timestamps are correct. If you’re unsure, you should make contact with our support team.

Please read more about the different tracking modes and signal modes on our support page, or in our manual.
Feel free to ask any questions, in order to understand how the tracker works.
We want you to have a good experience, and we want you to be insured if you have a subscription with insurance.



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