The BikeFinder tracker uses 3 types of positions signals depending on the tracker Mode (More about Modes here)

1. GPS (Sattellites Signals): 

- Is the most accurate location tracker, down to 10 meters accuracy. 

- Requires that Bikefinder can communicate with the satellites in space, and therefore will obstacles like thick concrete walls affect the signal quality.

- GPS demands a lot of battery and therefore has ''sleeping'' cycles in normal BikFinder modes to save battery, except when activating ''Tracking'' mode.

2. GSM (Cellphone Signal)

- Are useful when there is no GPS signals.
- The GSM signals needs GSM-Cellphone-Antennas nearby, and have an accuracy between meters to kilometers.
- If you need to find your Bike: The GSM will give a rough localization, then you move close to the area and use the Bikefinder app to pin-point your Bikefinder location. More information below 
- Low Power consumption

3. BLE / Bluetooth (Communication between your Smartphone and the BikeFinder)

- The BLE position will update on your smartphone when the BikeFinder is within 60 meters.

- You can use the app to locate the Bikefinder using the BLE Live distance counter. (Read more about BLE tracking here) 

- Very low power consumption.