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You may read more about what to expect regarding battery consumption and charging routines here
There may be different factors that explain your tracker's behavior.

• Make sure that when you charge, you are using the original Bikefinder USB-C to USB-A cable. Other cables may not be compatible due to other internal configurations.

• Note that the battery can only be charged between 0-45 degree Celcius (see manual further down). 
There is a physical limitation, and also a software limit to protect the battery from charging outside these parameters. EU's marking of CE-approved products require these limitations.

Note that we do not offer the fast-charging function today, which means that you cannot use charging equipment with these specifications to charge the tracker. Power socket needs to be within required specifications aswell. See tracker's specifications.  Product specifications

Not charging? Test with the Bikefinder cable to charge other technical products to verify if the charging equipment itself is working properly. This will help us conclude wether or not it might be the tracker that is experiencing issues, or if it's as easy as using new charging equipment with correct specs. 

When your tracker needs recharging, we recommended charging it for a minimum of 2,5-3 hours. If it's the first time charging, it might need to charge longer, as the battery has been flat since production date. 

• Make sure you have the latest software version of the app, and the latest firmware on the tracker. 

• Learn how the different tracker modes can affect battery consumption.  Tracker modes explained

Do you struggle charging your bikefinder within required parameters?
If you cannot bring your bike inside or warm your outdoor area/garage for this purpose, you can for example uninstall the tracker and charge it inside. However; make sure the bike is safe while charging it, as the insurance will only be valid when the tracker is installed in the bike's handlebar.


We will need your BikeFinder account's registered mail and your tracker's IMEI number in order to help you. We kindly ask you to provide us with a couple of pictures of the device, as a standardized, formal guideline. 

 How to request a replacement tracker 

      Submit a new ticket here