Now that you have logged in and added a BikeFinder tracker to the app, you will need a subscription to activate the trackers e-sim and additional insurance. The RED triangle on the app warns you that tracker has no active subscription.

1. Buy a subscription

- Press on the Red triangle to enter the trackers configuration page

On the tracker's configuration page, press ''Inactive subscription - tap to fix'' or the RED credit card symbol.

Both will start searching for your available subscriptions that have been bought and exist on your BikeFinder account.

Press the ''Tap here t buy'' will direct you to BikeFinder webpage.

Directed to our webpage, you should login to your Bikefinder account first.
Star by pressing on the 3 lines, to access the menu drop-down.

Login to your account by selecting ''My account''

After you have logged in, access the drop down menu again, then select ''Buy now''

And if you already have a BikeFinder tracker you will only need to select ''Buy subscription only''

2. Add subscription to the tracker

Now that you have bought a subscription to you BikeFinder account, you should be able to find it in the app.

Navigate back to the app, press ''tap to fix inactive subscription'' or the red credit card.

Once the subscription are found, you can press it to connect it to your tracker.