Not all countries have the option for BikeFinder theft insurance, today it's only Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and soon UK.

Most important read the full terms here:
- For the Bikefinder insurance to be valid the condition must be met in accordance with the insurance company.

Read full terms Click here! :
Norway: Tryg Insurance Terms

Sweden: Tryg Insurance Terms
Denmark: Tryg Insurance Terms

Finland - Tryg Insurance Terms

Short/highlighted version of the terms:
- BikeFinder tracker must be installed correctly on the Bike according to the manual.

- BikeFinder tracker must have an active subscription with insurance coverage.

- BikeFinder tracker must have a minimum of 20% battery life at the moment of theft.

- BikeFinder tracker must be on either standard or security mode. (Active GPS)

Approved Bikelock:

- It is important to read the insurance terms for what is an approved lock for each different country.
- If unsure we recommend getting help and support from a bicycle store. or send an email with lock detail directly to the insurance company for verification: