NOTE: You must install the tracker according to the manual for the insurance to be valid. Ref Insurance terms & conditions.

How do you install your Bikefinder in the handlebar?

1. You start by unpacking your Bikefinder box and taking out the Bikefinder itself.

2. You put it inside the handlebar. If the handlebar is big inside, and it seems a little loose, you can put the blue part inside of the Bikefinder box around the Bikefinder to make it tighter.

3. Make sure to fit it so there is no room between the handlebar and the black end of the Bikefinder. The picture below indicates how it should look like. The antenna's head is 1cm deep so that 1cm must stick outside the handlebar to avoid that the metal disturbing the signals.

4. Do also install it so that the arrow is pointing upwards the sky.

5. After putting it inside the handlebar facing the right way, you tighten the screws. The screws are to be tightened so hard that you are unable to drag it out and, it is hard to twist the screwdriver when rotating.

The pictures under show how the screws, the screwdriver, and how the installations should look like in the end.

6. Make sure that you still receive signals by checking that positions are updating in the app, look for time and date stamps to verify new positions. Or navigate to ''History'' on the app for a better overview of incoming positions.

A dummy bar-end can be bought separately through our website to make the handlebar identical on each side. The dummy bar-end is installed the same way as the Bikefinder.

You can buy the dummy bar-end here:

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