1. Make sure your phone is close to the tracker, within Bluetooth range. 

However, when doing a firmware update we recommend you to stay as close as possible and keep it stable.

2. Open the BikeFinder app -> Select a tracker

3. Select Bluetooth and the below options will show:

- Wake Up

If the BikeFinder is sleeping (i.e. if the Tracker is in Security mode, and has been still/is sleeping for 10 minutes), the Wake-Up function can be used to start the device and send a new position.

- Update tracker software

 Optional whenever a new software update is available for your tracker. 

- Restart tracker: 

This will restart the tracker. It can be used when you have done setup changes and needs a restart for it to take effect.
Also can be used to wake up trackers.

- Power off: 

After doing this you must insert the USB again to start the tracker.
Power off can also be used if you want to take the tracker on an airplane, and want to turn off the signals.

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