How-to get your BikeFinder online

Before we get started, make sure you already have:

1. An active BikeFinder subscription paired to your tracker.
 - In the app: You should not see the status ‘’Inactive subscription’’ with a red triangle exclamation symbol. (See screenshot below)

2. Make sure the Bluetooth on your smartphone settings is turned on.



Now we are ready to get your tracker online:

3. Charging:
Start by connecting the tracker to a charger, and wait until the red LED lighting up, indicating that the tracker is charging.
The LED will turn green when it is fully charged.




4. Receiving new positions:
Make sure you have the tracker somewhere it can get good GPS signals.
For example outside with a clear sky view, or close by a window.

5. Select tracker modes:

On BikeFinder App: On the first window, select the tracker you want to configure.



- On the second window, select the mode section that allows you to change the tracker's available modes. To learn how the tracker works in different modes, click here!




- Use the slider at the bottom to select ‘’Tracking mode’’
This mode allows the tracker to receive a GPS position every minute and is used for tracking a stolen bike. But we will use this model to test signal quality.




6. Restart tracker:
- On BikeFinder App: Navigate to Bluetooth and press it, then select ‘’Restart tracker’’





7. Verify new GPS/GSM positions are received:

- On BikeFinder App: Select your tracker as on step 5. If the tracker status is ‘’Waiting for movement’’ it means that the tracker’s motion detector is ready to give a new position. Give your BikeFinder a little movement and the tracker will send a new position.  NB: If the app says that the tracker is on its ‘’sleeping’’ cycle, please be patient and wait until it’s ready for a new movement.

 - On ‘’history’’, you can select to filter which  GSP/GSM/BLE signals you want to see on the list below.



- Press on the text GPS and GSM so they are blue: meaning data is visible.
- Select so that Bluetooth is greyed out: Meaning it’s hidden from the list.
To learn more about the tracker signals and symbols, click here!
- Now, verify that a new position is updated by looking at the date and timestamp.




If everything is working fine, then change back to ‘’Security mode’’ and happy biking :blush: