To install the Bikefinder tracker in the bike:

1. Ensure that there is enough space for the tracker inside of the handlebar of your bike.

2. Insert the tracker in the handlebar. Ensure that the black plastic endcap is sticking out at the end of the handlebar. It can not be covered because it gives out the signal.

3. Ensure that the USB cover opens to the left, that means you have to turn the tracker 180 degrees, if it opens to the right. When you look at the tracker inside your handlebar, the LED light should be on the right hand side.

4. Tighten the expansion screws on each side of the USB plug hole at the same time. Switch screw inbetween tightening so it will be tightened evenly, this is to ensure even pressure on the expansion mechanism.

5. When the screws start to tighten, try pulling a little on the Bikefinder to ensure that it is stuck. Don't overtighten, as this might damange the handle bar or the fastening mechanism.

6. When the Bikefinder is fastened nicely. Sit back and relax, good job!