The BikeFinder tracker uses 3 types of positions (depending on the mode, for more info, see this article)

1. GPS position:

It is the most accurate location tracker, down to 10 meters accuracy. 

GPS demands a lot of battery, and is thus not used a lot (e.g. in passiv mode, the tracker never send GPS-signal. For more info, see this article that explains the different modes)

2. GSM position:

The GSM position is dependent on how many GSM-antennas are nearby, and the position can typically be "within xxx meters from here". 

GSM is battery-friendly, and thus the preferred position if you don't need the exact position. If you need a more accurate position, try to switch to tracking mode to activate GPS. 

3. BLE (Bluetooth) positions 

The bluetooth-position will only show when the bike is nearby because bluetooth is connected to the tracker through your phone. If you are nearby, you can use bluetooth to search for the bike. Read this article to see how

The bluetooth signal indicator is found under your device, do not cover it. You find it under the map on the BikeFinder tracker, it is the icon in the middle.