Logging in on the website and app:

1. Press log in in the app or website

2. Type in the email address you want to log in with. It is important to use the same email address to log in on both the app and the website.

3. Press "submit".

4. You have now received a code in your inbox, use it to log in. This is to ensure security for each login session.

    You will always have to use a new code sent to your e-mail when you want to log in.

5. Write inn the password, and press "submit".

6. You are now logged in.

If you encounter problems with wrong passcode these are possible causes:

- You are using an old login password, check the latest e-mail for the newest login. Remember that every time you write in your e-mail and press submit, you will get a new code, and the old will be invalid.

- Sometimes e-mail services put similar e-mails in the same folder, and you might only see an old one in your e-mail preview.  Make sure the timestamp on the e-mail is the latest e-mail you have gotten from the BikeFinder system.