The first thing you should do is put the charger in. That will start up the tracker.

Next, you should install and log in to our mobile app.

Now press the "+" icon at the top right of our app, and choose "Add tracker via Bluetooth".

Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, and stay close to your tracker.
You can pull down to refresh. Soon your tracker will pop up on screen and you can tap it to bind it to your account, which you should do.

If you have already bought a subscription you will be asked if you want to bind it to this tracker. Press "yes".
Otherwise, you should buy a subscription from our webshop now, then come back to our app.

Now you have an active BikeFinder Tracker.

If you have multiple devices or multiple subscriptions you can go to the options page for each tracker and tap the "Invalid subscription, tap here to manage" button to bind a subscription to that tracker.